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2024: The year of compliance

Take a decisive step towards compliance with online regulations and avoid headlines & fines.

Roadmap for compliance

Understand your obligations

Translate legislations into operational insights

Assess your compliance readiness

Understand where you stand today, identifying your areas of vulnerability

Update your moderation processes

Implement purpose-built moderation tools to maximise efficiency and compliance

How can you achieve DSA compliance?

The Digital Services Act (DSA) is an EU legislation that seeks to regulate online services, by introducing obligations related to content moderation, transparency, terms and conditions, and more. Its purpose is to create a safer and more accountable digital space while promoting innovation and competition.

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Developed and tested by our advisory team

Translates legalese into operational actions

Rapidly generates a heat map to visualise your compliance gaps

Understand your compliance gaps are and how to efficiently close them

Fast changing regulatory landscape

UK Online Safety Act

The UK Online Safety Act is a new law that lays down rules to protect users from online illegal content and activity, as well to protect children from harmful content online. The law will apply to a range of services with users in the UK, and has the overarching goal of empowering users, increasing transparency and accountability, and protecting freedom of expression.

Australian Online Safety Act

The Australian Online Safety Act spells out significant implications for online service providers by introducing requirements that made them accountable for the safety of their users. Its aim is to protect against online harm, keeping pace with abusive behaviour and toxic content.

Singapore Online Safety Bill

The Singapore Online Safety Bill is a comprehensive legislative measure designed to regulate online communication services (OCSs). The bill empowers the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to require providers to minimize users' exposure to harmful content, provide effective reporting and resolution mechanisms, and submit annual online safety reports.

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Tremau’s moderation operating system

The ultimate compliant Trust & Safety platform

Moderate all content, no matter the source of detection, in one place

Streamline your moderation process

Generate operational efficiencies (of up to 50%)

Achieve better control and transparency

Ensure consistent application of their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines

Generate operational efficiencies and customise queue management and prioritisation rules (of up to 50%)

Prefer not to change your moderation interface?

Tremau has you covered with Nima light -- Simply delegate to us your compliance to regulations without switching moderation interface.

Transparency reporting (DSA, OSA, …);

EU statement of reasons database;

Connection to LEA platforms to report illegal content (PERCI, Pharos, …);

Connection to out-of-court dispute bodies;

Analytics dashboard